With the evolution of modern technologies market has experienced a great change in the techniques of marketing. Gone are the days when Digital Marketing was only for the likes of multinationals which had sufficient resources and capital investment.With more cost effectiveness and higher revenue generation Digital Marketing has taken over the traditional marketing channels used by small and medium businesses.Keeping the current market trends in mind our skilled team work towards creating a superior reputation of your brand and ensures interaction with targeted audiences.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the most important aspect of digital marketing which utilizes social networking websites like facebook, twitter and instagram as a marketing tool. We at LogicSutra create strategies for Social Media Marketing Which helps you promote your product or service, interact with potential customers and build strong customer relationships.

Social Media Optimization

Search Engine Optimization which aims to build an online reputation by optimizing the content, encouraging more users to visit and share your content via web link on social media.With the explosion of sites on the web it’s just not enough to be on the web .Being well placed in the search engine results (Google ,Bing etc)  is of utmost importance to attract wider audience which can lead to a stronger customer base and eventually to growth in terms of profit.We at LogicSutra understand the uniqueness and goals of each business and organization. We frame a customized search engine optimization program after an in depth analysis of your competitors websites and numerous technical standards. We work upon various optimization techniques such as Indexing, cross linking web pages, keywords theory to rank your website higher in the rankings.

Pay per clicks and Google Adwords

Pay per click (PPC) also termed as Paid search advertising is a necessary component for a successful digital marketing campaign. It helps you to reach your potential customers through Google Ads, Facebook Ads or Twitter promoted Ads.Logic Sutra has a team of experts who understand the unique requirements of the client ;create specified model and make a customized PPC ad campaign plan at affordable rates.We work upon various factors such as keyword relevance, landing page optimization and quality score to make a successful advertising campaign (to show up at top positions in search engines result pages).With the top position in search engine result pages your website is likely to attract huge traffic which can help you build strong customer base and earn great profit.