Testing Services

LogicSutra guarantees quality software product through its functional testing services. Our proficiency lies in usability testing and providing quality software assurance. We make sure that the client application is tested according to the objectives and requirements.

Functional Testing Services

Functional testing is a kind of graphical user interface (GUI) test executed on a complete, integrated system. It includes effective examination and validation of all functions, features, and competence of a software product. All tests play a vital role in minimizing  defects and include requirement-based, functional, usability, and compatibility testing.We follow a robust approach and personalized  test plans to ensure all prerequisites are met according to the application as expected. test automation techniques allow us to create interfaces for low-cost regression testing before and after deployment of software products. Our expertise in using the personalized selenium automation framework guarantees high-quality open source testing of applications and improved integration and compatibility testing.

Performance Testing

We support a variety of businesses with our performance testing services, which in turn help them win customer faith. we ensure that all key performance requirements are met,  we also ensure optimized system performance through our comprehensive load testing approach.With extensive experience and expertise, we can test and optimize performance at any stage. we work with clients to better understand their requirements. In addition, We follow a defined strategy according to the specifications, trace bugs and ensure that the applications perform consistently. In case there are any bottlenecks related to performance, we come up with a solution and suggestions for improvement.